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Valentina Sireech, Bead Artists  and Owner

Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive

Mique -Hello 

I am a member of the Ute Indian Tribe of Uintah and Ouray Reservation, Utah. I am a self-taught bead artist. Growing up, I would watch my mother and grandmother bead at the kitchen table.  As I grow older, I would bead regalia sets for my niece Victoria who is a Southern Traditional Dancer for her dancing and Pow-wow culture events.  In 2003, I attended the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM- received a Bachelor of Fine Art -BFA in 2007. I  attended Savannah College of Art and Designs, Savannah, GA, and received my Master of Fine Art- MFA in 2010.

I have always incorporated  Ute designs within my beadwork -Ute people are known for beaded roses that are displayed proudly at our Spring "Ute Beardances".   

As a Bead Artist, I want to provide customers with authentic Native American Handmade beadwork made with all-natural traditional material. I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to preserve and educate non-tribal members of our traditions, cultural arts and promote certified authentic beadwork.

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Certified Authentic Made/Produced by American Indian Trademark 

Made/Produced by American Indian Trademark

The Made/Produce by American Indians Trademark successfully identifies American Indian-made products for federally recognized Tribes and Alaskan Native Villages The trademark was created to protect Indian produces and consumers from fake and falsely advertised Indian-made products.


Description of Material 

European Seed Beads and Smoked Tanned Deer Hide.

I use Charlotte Cut (True) Seed Beads, 24k Gold plated cut beads Beaded on Smoked Tanned Deer Hide and Dentalium shell as danglers.