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Valentina R. Sireech

Contemporary Fine Art & Traditional Bead Artist

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Valentina Sireech

Bead & Designs. 

 Authentic Handcrafted  Native American  Beaded Jewelry 


In 2020, I wanted to create authentic handcrafted Native American

Beaded Jewelry that pays homage to

my family and to share my culture.  

Today, Valentina Sireech Bead & Designs continues to play a major role in the financial well-being of indigenous artisans, who are slowly finding their way to economic independence through the increasing popularity of their beautiful crafts.


Valentina Sireech Bead & Design

Supporting Native American Indian Cultural, Arts, and Language.

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Native Women Enpowerment

Handcrafted Beaded Native Jewelry Earring Sets- Using only natural and traditional materials. Designed to empower the women who wear them for the next generation. Our Family Members dancing at the Ute Beardance.

Family & Culture

As a  Ute Woman, I design beadwork to pay homage to my family and the women who continually inspire me.   Left to Right: Geneva Kanip Accawanna, Aunt, Late Melba Accawanna Appawora, Grandmother, Late Velma Colorow Sireech, My Mother,  Turgruyahk Thank you for all your teachings!

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If you have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  For all custom order inquires, please contact leave a message- I will get in touch with you soon! Thanks a million